“…Nicole is charismatic and so engaging- I could sit, listen and learn everyday from her.  She is an extremely beautiful human being…”


“…Nicole’s passion and commitment to bringing Kinesiology to us in a better and brighter way, brushing the dust off the old “way it has always been done” and bringing it into the 21st century, has changed the face of Kinesiology study for the greatest good…”


“…Nicole has the ability to let those around her feel heard and loved.  She says it how it is, with grace…”


“…Nicole is so generous and always go above and beyond. She is a  freaking mother Teresa…”


 “…Nicole has a natural ability to read people and situations very well and act according to their needs. She’s also very funny…”


“…Nicole’s care and support are just next level. I personally always feel very seen and very supported by her. She is extremely encouraging and she honestly makes me feel like I could do anything.”


“…Nicole is an INCREDIBLE teacher. She makes the content not only relatable but she has a way of breaking  things down so that we learn them well. She  takes any complicated language out and infuses such wisdom and ease. Best teacher I’ve had…”


“…I believe Nicole is capable of healing and teaching future woman and men how to be better humans in this world…”


“…Nicole’s  belief in others has a huge weight and influence on them, and  there is something special about the way she teaches  that stays with you as a student…”


“… Nicole has so much patience. I admire her ability to let someone work through their stuff while ensuring they’re keeping their eye on the end goal…”


“…Even whilst discussing the darkest or most difficult of topics, Nicole has this uncanny ability to somehow acknowledge the negativity but also shine positivity to the situation…” 


“…Nicole is a very kind person, down to earth and relatable, which is so refreshing…”


“…Nicole’s confidence helps me to trust myself in what I’m doing…”