International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic®

This is where the Masters hang out.
Taught over a further 2 years, you will learn advanced Kinesiology techniques that will ensure you will be a practitioner in high demand.

At this level, it becomes more than a job. The wisdom you gain here will transform the rest of your life.

Total cost of Level 3
$13,200 inc GST
20 units over 2 years

The International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic® has a further 20 units
where you will learn over 200 Kinesiology techniques to help your clients. It covers the following subjects.

The International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic® is the highest qualification you can achieve in Kinesiology worldwide. To be able to work with your clients at this level is a gift.

There are a further 20 Kinesiology subjects that will take your list of corrective techniques to over 400. We continue on with the subjects from Level 2 with a few new additions.

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – Even more advanced techniques to help us identify the old stories and beliefs that keep us stuck. We also look at addictions, co-dependency and deep spiritual practices.

Muscles, Skin and Touch – A look at how we store emotions in the body, as well as learn more about your anatomy and how to improve emotional intelligence.

Pelvic Diaphragm and Girdle – learn all about the pelvis and common issues in this area including reproduction, fertility and incontinence.

Hypertonic Muscle Reset – Relief for ongoing and re-occurring pain and stiffness in the body. Discover why emotions play such an important role in in our physical health.

Performance, Integration and Behaviour – Learn how our behaviour and personality is linked to our physical features. We can know so much about a person just by reading their face. You will create an instant connection with your clients just by observing them. We also look at the brain, how to keep it healthy and how memory works.

Blood, Viscera and Lymph – A deep dive into common digestive problems, the nervous system and the lymphatic system.

Meridians and Holographic Perception – A closer look at the acupuncture system, and a basic introduction to reflexology and iridology.

Regional Body Triggers – Learn how to find and correct trigger points in the body. They hurt when you find them- but the relief is immense once they are clear.

Red Flags – A theory unit that covers the boundaries of limitations to Kinesiology. We show you “red flags” to look out for with mental health, emergency situations and when to refer your client for more specialised help.

Total cost of Level 3 – $13,200 inc GST
20 units over 2 years

Extended payment plans are available. 10% discount for the upfront payment offered.


International Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic

BVL 301 – Valves, Viscera and Blood Vessels

BVL 302 – Breast and Other Lymph Clearing

EMS 304 – Releasing Limiting Stress Responses

EMS 305 – Colour and Sound

EMS 306 – Rituals and Motivational Messages

EMS 401 – Co-dependency and Role Reversal

EMS 402 – Compulsive Behaviours

EMS 403 – Spiritual Issues

HMR 301 – Hypertonic Release – Arms and Legs

HMR 302 – Hypertonic Release – Head, Neck, Torso

MHP 301 – Meridian Energy Techniques

MHP 302 – Holographic Reflexes and Perceptions

OCT 302 – Diagnosis and Treatment vs. Kinesiology Protocol (Red Flags)

PDG 301 – Pelvic Postures and Sacral Balancing

PDG 302 – Pelvic Diaphragm

PIB 201 – Behavioural Genetics I – Personology and Physiognomy

PIB 202 – Behavioural Genetics II – Further Personology and Physiognomy

PIB 301 – Brain Integration Skills 2

PIB 302 – Personality Typing

RBT 301 – Trigger Points