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About Chi:

Nicole Hutcheson is a highly qualified and skilled Professional Kinesiology Practitioner with 10 years experience in the field, and is also an internationally qualified senior instructor. Nicole’s interest in Kinesiology was sparked over 15 years ago initially as a client. So impressed by her results, she went on to obtain her Advanced Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic and qualified as a Senior Instructor, and now runs a busy and successful practice helping and supporting her clients to realise and achieve their own potential for success, happiness and wellbeing through this fascinating modality. 





Hi Nicole,-Thanks so much for my balance last week. I still feel amazing and so much more focused and relaxed. Everyone at work was wondering what had happened to me- but I assured them it was all your doing! I feel like I am back to normal and am myself again.  Thanks again.- LS

Hi Nic,- Thanks again so much for my balance today - feeling much better and also feeling a bit more focussed and grounded & certainly a bit more determined! I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore and am really looking forward to getting stuck into my work now. Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.-VW

Hi Nicole-That treatment you did was FANTASTIC! I felt so good before my Exams and it worked like a charm. Thank you Again for everything. -NW (15)

Dear Nicole,- Thank you for your help. Last night I fell straight asleep without any worries or problems. During the comp today I felt positive and good and not one bit of me felt NERVOUS! so thank you a lot, you really helped me feel a lot more confident and I got PB's for all of my events which was really good. I also could not wait to come home and email you, you have helped me so much even my mum thought I had been more relaxed and every time I raced I thought about our goals we had made and everything we had worked on which helped me concentrate much better! -EW (13)

Hi Nicole,-Thank you so much for Thursday. I had six and half hours straight sleep on Thursday night! I still feel calmer, and certainly more rested. Thanks again, you're a miracle worker. -JC

Hi Nicole-Thanks for my balance last week. My back has totally stopped aching. Even when I bend to try and make it hurt it still doesn’t. It’s amazing! Thanks again!-GP

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